Internships are of two types, namely curricular and extracurricular: curricular internships are those for students, extracurricular internships are those for graduated people (thus, no more students).

Curricular internships can be compulsory or not compulsory: compulsory curricular internships are those present in the study plan, thus they are compulsory to get the degree; internships not present in the study plan are curricular not compulsory, and they are not compulsory to get the degree.

The detailed information about the internships can be found in the  Career Service web site. In particular: 

As regards the internships management, a difference exists between the general procedure detailed in the Career Service web site, and the procedure followed by Electrical Engineering SAT (SAT is the acronym for  “Struttura Accademica per i Tirocini”, that is Academic Unit for Internship):

  • In general, Career Service manages extracurricular internships and not compulsory curricular internships, and SAT manages curricular internships only.
  • In case of Electrical Engineering SAT, Career Service manages just extracurricular internships, whereas all curricular internships (both compulsory and not compulsory) are managed by SAT.

As listed in the general procedure, after the company accepted the internship, the student will receive an e-mail where he is asked to give Ms.  Luisa Ciesco  (by mail or by pnone) the following information:

1) the type of internship:

  • curricular compulsory 
  • curricular not compulsory 
  • extracurricular (after graduation)

2) in both the first and the second case, the student has to give the name of the academic supervisor; in the third case, the internship will be managed by Career Service.

As regards the academic supervisor, do consider that

  • if the internship is related to a Thesis (both Laurea and Laurea Magistrale), the academic supervisor will also be the Thesis supervisor;
  • if the internship is not related to a Thesis, the academic supervisor does not have any duty. He can be any of the professors of the Electrical Engineering Course; the suggestion is asking to a professor who, in its teaching, deals with something related to the subject dealt in the internship.

Persons in charge for Electrical Engineering SAT are