Acquired knowledge

Acquired knowledge

When you are called to choose your undergraduate or graduate studies, it is crucial to consider the prospects of success for your future career in the job market. University studies are an investment, not only in economic terms but also in terms of time and personal efforts. None of this investment must be lost! From this perspective, the Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering offer excellent job opportunities. Indeed, there is one of the widest job offer among all the engineering fields, compared with a moderate number of graduates.

The following data concern M.Sc. graduates in Electrical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (source Career Service, graduates of 2012):

  • 72.4% of graduates found a job within 2 months from graduation
  • 93.3% of graduates found a permanent job within 12 months from graduation (average of engineering: 85.9%)

The main jobs for an Electrical Engineer can be found in the following areas:

  • manufactures of electrical machines and devices, and power electronics equipment;
  • utilities that generate, transport and distribute electrical energy;
  • industrial automation and robotics;
  • manufactures and engineering firms for design, implementation and operation of electrical systems for transportation;
  • automated production of goods and services;
  • firms and pools for energy trade on the deregulated energy market;
  • engineering firms and practice as a legally-certified engineer

After the completion of your study path, the Career Service of Politecnico di Milano will allow you to access several job opportunities. As an example, more than 20 job offers per each Electrical-Engineer candidate have been posted on the Career Service in 2013. Additionally, specific job offers are sometimes transmitted directly by companies to university professors, for selecting potential candidates.

Finally, the Alumni network of Politecnico di Milano will help your career path by promoting abilities in the fields of innovation, creativity, culture, skills.