Study Program Board

Study Program Board

The Study Program Board (Consiglio di Corso di Studio– CCS) is the authority of the School that has the educational responsibility of the courses. It defines the educational and formative objectives of the courses, according with the indications and guidelines of the School. It is in charge of:

  • suggesting to the related School the Educational Rules of the Study Programme
  • approving the syllabus of the courses
  • performing all the activities related to the students’ career
  • deliberating on the topics of its competence

The Study Program Board is composed of all the professors that teach courses and modules provided in the Study Programme and of some elected student representative. The composition of the Board is updated yearly by the Dean of the School, according to the activation or de-activation of courses, as reported in the Educational Rules of the corresponding Study Programme.

Coordinator of the Study Programme:  Prof. Flavia Grassi

Secretary of the Study Programme: Prof. Luigi Piegari

Student Representatives: Alessandro SecchiFattori Alberto