Admission to the PhD program

Admission to the PhD program

The Electrical Engineering study plan is articulated on three levels:

  • Bachelor Degree, lasting three years.
  • Master Degree, following the Bachelor and lasting two years.
  • Research Doctorate, following the first two levels and lasting three years.

These three levels can only be followed sequentially. At the completion of each level graduates are allowed both to enter into the world of work or to continue studying in the next level.

The Research Doctorate (PhD), or third University level, further develops the knowledge in Electrical field with respect to the attainment of the Master’s Degree. The PhD program extends for three years and aims to train professionals that are able to carry out and supervise studies and research activities in the most advanced fields of Electrical Engineering. The main goal of the PhD in Electrical Engineering is the development of theoretical, experimental and methodological skills necessary for the management of research and innovation.

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